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The Knife Specialists

If you want a specialist who can supply you with knives from the best brands around and at the best prices around, then Butchers Equipment Warehouse is for you.

Whether you're a butcher, a cook or someone with the taste for adventure, we have a knife to suit you.

Butchers Knives

For butchers, we have butchers knives from makers like the World famous Victorinox and F.Dick.

In our Victorinox collection, we have knives for boning, filleting or slicing. You can choose which Victorinox knife you’d like by thinking about what handle you want to grip.

We have the fibrox handle knife or if you want a little more class, get yourself a rosewood handle. F. Dick knives offer different varieties of boning knives as well as skinning knives and steak knives. An F. Dick Ergo grip or expertgrip can go well with whatever blade you need.

Have you ever needed an oyster knife to go along with your broad butchers knife? Then our Icel knife collection is deserving of your attention. All the knives that any good butcher would need, we have on offer to be shipped from our warehouse in Blackburn to anywhere in the UK.

Cooks Knives

Do you want the best tools to create the best dishes of delicious food for you or your customers? We can help you with that by offering you the best cooks knives in the World. Victorinox knives are judged to be one of the highest quality blades and we offer them in fibrox and rosewood handles so that you can wield them with pleasure. We have bread knives. We have slicing knives.

We have filleting knives. We have cooks knives in different sizes. We have pairing knives that can either have a pointed tip or straight blade.

Icel knives offer for choice for a cook. They have three handles on offer for each blade. They have the normal plastic handle, but they also offer forged bolstered knives and rosewood handle knives.

Doner Kebab Knives

We also have two doner kebab knives on offer. Both are for professional use in kebab shops due to their long, quality blades. Our Fischer Bargoin knife is made from high quality stainless steel and has a comfort grip on the handle to reduce fatigue.

F. Dick’s doner kebab knife has a solid plastic handle, which helps to keep it to an impeccable standard of hygiene, the knife also has a quality stainless steel blade.

Whether you are a butcher or a cook, you’ll need to keep those knives sharp. We have high quality steels and sharpeners on offer for whatever you need. If you have a knife set from F Dick or Victorinox, why not complete the set by having steels from the same makers.

Knife Steels

For butchers, we have a great range of Butchers Steels, including Fischer Bargoin and Isler. Similarly with your cook’s knives, why not have a chef or kitchen steel to complete your set from any of our top providers.

Knife Sharpeners

We also have a great range of manual knife sharpeners and electric knife sharpeners to help you maintain your blade’s sharpness.

Swiss Army Knives

Whether you're travelling in the city or camping in a grassy field somewhere, you can’t go wrong with a Victorinox Swiss Army knife. They have been the trusted tool of many since 1897 and we have a selection on offer for you today.

We have the classic Swiss Army knife with either red or black handle, or if you want a more specialised version, we have knives for farmers, climbers and the Swisschamp swiss army knife that has an incredible 33 functions on it.

Purchase your professional quality knives online or call directly on 01254 427761