Chain Mail Gloves with Forearm - Fabric Wristband - White / Small

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5 fingers Stainless Steel gloves with forearm protection

Adjustable wristband

Ambidextrous - Can be worm on both left & right hand.

Manufactured in Italy by specialists in safety clothing in stainless steel mesh.

Certified as satisfying the CE law.

Quality product at AMAZING VALUE !!


Product Description



Chain mail gloves should only be worn on the hand which doesn't hold the knife. 


The glove can be worn either on your right or left hand, so it is important to use the product which most suits your needs.


The Chain mail glove material is conductive so you should avoid contact with any metallic part that can conduct electricity.


Chain mail Gloves are not designed to protect against wounds caused by any operating machinery therefore,


they are not suitable when using an electrical saw or any equipment for the removal of skin and tendons.


Some knives, particularly those with thin blades for the boning process, can penetrate gloves to a certain point.


Wearing a glove will not fully remove the risk, but the seriousness of the wound will be significantly lower. 


It's very important to choose the right size chain mail glove for your hand.


If a glove is too small it is not comfortable and can hurt your hand.


If it is too big, it can be cumbersome and cause incidents on the job.


To provide proper protection, gloves should be adjusted to the hands by means of the buckle provided.


Gloves should be used as they are manufactured and supplied.


We recommend cleaning the chain mail gloves by scrubbing vigorously with water at 50 ° C. 


Rinsing is done with water at a minimum temperature of 82 ° C

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