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Mini Meat Tenderiser

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Quick Overview

Cut in nylon 

sharp blades 18/8 stainless steel

Complete with protection. 

The razor sharp stainless steel knives create tiny "heat channels" within the meat, allowing heat to penetrate more quickly...reducing cooking time by up to 40%. These tiny "heat channels" also allow marinades to be fully absorbed into the meat in as little as 5 minutes...eliminating the need for meat to soak overnight.

Up to 40% less time on the heat means less loss of natural flavors, juices, and marinades. The tiny "heat channels" increase the absorption of liquid marinade by up to 600% and promote uniform cooking throughout even the most uneven cuts of meat. The pathways also allow chicken, turkey, and other poultry to self-baste, creating juicier meat and crispier skin.

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SKU 78/B
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Manufacturer BEW Knives

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