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  1. Why are Torrey mincers so popular with butchers?


    Why are Torrey mincers so popular with butchers?

    We’ve got a huge range of butchers machinery to choose from right here on our site at Butchers Equipment Warehouse, and out of all the...
  2. 15/04/2016

    The History Of The Meat Mincer

    Meat mincers are now essential tools for most butchers when they wish to chop or mix raw or cooked meat. Originally butchers would use mincing knives to produce minced meats before the meat mincer revolutionised the industry. Butchers would use either a mincer knife or cleaver to mince the meat. This meant that the production of minced meat was very slow a laborious for the butcher. For centuries this was the way minced meat was produced. In the nineteenth century German inventor, Karl Drais invented the first meat mixer, which was hand cranked and it forced the meat through a metal plate that had small holes in it. This resulted in long, thin strands of meat. Continue reading →
  3. 16/10/2013

    Meat Mincer - Choosing the right one

    Meat Mincers are indispensable for any butcher and they are available in both manual and electric operation options, but also in varying sizes. For those who plan on using the meat mincer on a daily basis, they should know that there are 2 things they need to keep in mind. Continue reading →
  4. 31/05/2013

    Cleaning your meat mincer

    The meat mincer is a vital weapon in the arsenal of a butcher. Mince has enduring popularity due to its varied uses and adaptability. Many of the nation’s favourite dishes such as Shepherd’s Pie, Spaghetti Bolognese and Chilli Con Carne require mince. Continue reading →
  5. 15/03/2013

    Protecting Your Butcher Equipment From Bacteria

    Whether you are using butcher equipment for personal or professional use; it is vitally important to ensure that all items are completely clean and free of bacteria. If your butcher knives and other pieces of equipment are exposed to bacteria, there are potential risks. Even a small amount of bacteria can spread and multiply incredibly quickly. There are a number of different practices and techniques that can be implemented to safeguard against the spread of bacteria. Continue reading →
  6. 26/02/2013

    Complete Those Tough Butcher Jobs

    In the majority of cases, food preparation can be completed with the minimal of fuss and with everyday kitchenware items. However, from time to time, there are jobs that will require specialist tools and knowledge. It is important that those two necessities go hand-in-hand. It is completely redundant to have tools produced by and for experts if you have no knowledge of how to use them safely and effectively. To help you understand the pertinence of using the correct butcher equipment, here are some of those tough butcher jobs. Continue reading →
  7. The Right Tools For Those Christmas Jobs


    The Right Tools For Those Christmas Jobs

    Those who are hosting a holiday gathering of friends and family at their home this year may be feeling the pressure. There is a certain sense of pressure applied to those who offer their services to provide for their love ones, all the luxuries of a fantastic holiday in enviable style and fashion. For the seasoned host, this pressure will only serve to inspire; the game will be upped and the results more magnificent than ever. However, for those novices who are hosting this year’s festivities, the pressure could lead to unnecessary stress and worry. Continue reading →

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