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  1. How to choose the best butchers mincers


    How to choose the best butchers mincers

    1. Power and output You always need the right tools for the job. That old mantra holds just as true for butchery as it does...
  2. Plastic versus wooden chopping boards - which is best?


    Plastic versus wooden chopping boards - which is best?

    It’s a question that’s long plagued professional chefs, home cooks and butchers alike. Wooden chopping boards and butchers blocks have centuries of history and use...
  3. Are burger presses really worth it?


    Are burger presses really worth it?

    Burgers, hot dogs and food like them tend to see their heaviest consumption in the sunny barbecue weather of our summer months, but don't write...
  4. 06/07/2015

    Caring For Your Butcher Block

    Butcher blocks are an essential item for everyone's kitchen and Butchers Equipment Warehouse offers the best. We recently received a review on Trustpilot regarding our butcher blocks. “We recently moved house and wanted a proper butcher's block on wheels. I thought that such an item was commonplace. Well, they are not. "I live in North Yorkshire and quickly came to the conclusion that you can either buy something, not great by the way, from Fired Earth starting at well over two thousand pounds or have one made from scratch by a craftsman. Then by accident we came across the Butchers Equipment web site. "And there it was. Solid, on wheels, stunning wood and perfect and for less than a third of the price of the relatively flimsy Fired Earth offering. Ordering could not have been easier and delivery was bang on time. A wonderful company. We are spreading the word in North Yorkshire ! Seriously, brilliant. Top quality.” Continue reading →
  5. 16/04/2013

    Keeping your butchers block strong

    The butchers block is an incredibly important and useful tool for both professional and amateur butchers. It protects work surfaces from unwanted cuts and incisions and helps the butcher make clean and precise cuts. Continue reading →
  6. 13/12/2012

    The Benefits Of Using A Wooden Butcher Block

    Many marketplaces and industries are incorporating man made plastics more and more regularly. Their cheap nature tends to appeal to businesses and personal users alike. However, these investors are often not taking the long-term implications or the comprehensive repercussions fully into account. Continue reading →

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