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How to choose the best butchers mincers

1. Power and output

You always need the right tools for the job. That old mantra holds just as true for butchery as it does for any other trade, which is one of the reasons why the power of your butchers mincer machine should be one of your first considerations when it comes to buying a new one.

The bigger the motor in an individual mincer machine, the more power it has at its disposal to get grinding. Happily, the majority of machines are quite capable of easily handling smaller meats like chicken breast and pork loin, but tougher cuts like braising steak will require a more heavy-duty motor.

There’s a wide range of mincer machines with various power outputs to choose from here at Butchers Equipment Warehouse. The SAP meat mincer TC22, for example, can produce 300kg of meat per hour, making is well suited to smaller or independent butchers shops.

If you’re looking to go one step up though, our best-selling Torrey Meat Mincer M22 is capable of making up to 500kg of meat per hour, while the heavy-duty Torrey Meat Mincer M32-5 is one of the most powerful models in our range, with a production capacity of up to 1750kg per hour.

2. Ease of cleaning

Ease of cleaning is especially important when it comes to butchers machinery like mincers. Even the most well-designed mincers can be prone to jamming occasionally, which can overheat the motor and easily damage the machine. Therefore, the best mincer machines are typically the ones which can be taken apart the fastest.

The Torrey M12 mincing machine, for example, is designed to require minimal maintenance with its oil-bathed steel geared transmission, while the heavy-duty Torrey M32-5 we mentioned above can have its feed pan, head, ring and worm all removable in a matter of seconds to facilitate cleaning.

3. Cutting modes

It’s always good to be able to have a mincer machine with a reverse function if you can. This way, if it ever gets jammed, switching it into reverse can often dislodge the obstruction. Any further functionality or cutting blades are always welcome additions too, as many butchers regard the best mincers as the ones which are the most versatile.


4. Brand

Now, this obviously isn’t the be-all and end-all, but if you’re not sure where to start in terms of buying your new machine, it can often help to look at the best selling models from global brands. SAP for example is known for producing high quality butchers machines, and here at Butchers Equipment Warehouse we also stock products from a leading range of other manufacturers, such as Torrey and Mainca. If you’re not sure which one’s best for you, feel free to ask one of our friendly team!

5. Cost

This is another one that shouldn’t define your initial decisions too much, but once you’ve narrowed down your initial options, price will inevitably play a part. After all, the best butcher mincing machines are often the ones that provide the best value!

Here at Butchers Equipment Warehouse, our goal is to provide great value on butchers equipment without compromising on quality - which we do with a comprehensive range of butchers machinery, spares for butchers mincers, and of course butchers knives and sharpeners. You can browse them right here on our site, or if you’ve got any questions or need any advice, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01254 427761!