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Prepare your butcher shop for 2020 with this equipment

Running a successful butcher shop takes passion, knowledge, and reliable equipment to continually deliver outstanding service to your customers! It's important to take a few moments in the New Year to do a quick inventory and check the condition of your butchers equipment.

As you know, owning quality and durable butchers equipment can help your butcher shop run smoothly and effectively! Whether you’re looking to expand your business, or you simply need better tools to improve your efficiency, we’ve got all the butchers equipment you’ll need.

Buy A New Butchers Block

Before you close up shop for Christmas, it’s a good idea to take an inventory of your equipment and inspect all of the surfaces where you process meat.

Butcher’s blocks can wear down over time, or become damaged during an accident. To reassure yourself of its condition, you’ll want to look for three things during your inspection of your butchers block.

Check the block for signs of cracking, deep grooves, warping and splitting (if you have a wood block). These are surefire signs you'll need to replace your butchers block as soon as possible, because bacteria can collect in the cracks potentially causing contamination.

If your butcher block is in good shape, but you're looking to add another mobile workstation, we've got you covered. We stock a large selection of butchers blocks in different materials and styles, so it won't be hard to find the perfect one to suit your requirements.

Invest in a new meat mincer or slicer

A quality meat mincer is a fantastic asset for all butcher’s shops, particularly if you sell mince, ready to cook hamburgers, or sausages.

Adding a meat mincer or meat slicer to your butcher shop can considerably cut down on your work load to help you run at peak efficiency. This is because a high-quality meat slicer can evenly cut slices of meat quickly, easily, and at different thicknesses to streamline your work. Because we believe in quality, we stock Noaw meat slicers that are well known in the industry for producing minimal waste!

Prioritise safety with new chainmail gloves

Obviously, safety is extremely important in any butcher’s shop. The best way to protect your hands from injury is with a pair of chainmail gloves.

Chainmail gloves protect your hands from nicks, cuts, and slippage when you’re trying to debone or process large sections of meat.

chainmail glove

We stock a wide range of effective, durable chainmail butchers gloves which don’t restrict your range of motion — perfect for every day use!

What’s more, as we move into the New Year you might find a few of your favourite knives need replacing! We sell a large range of butchers machinery, butchers accessories, and butchers knives to help you get the best deals on equipment for your shop. If you have any questions or need advice, please give our friendly team a call on 01254 427721.