1. 26/02/2013

    Complete Those Tough Butcher Jobs

    In the majority of cases, food preparation can be completed with the minimal of fuss and with everyday kitchenware items. However, from time to time, there are jobs that will require specialist tools and knowledge. It is important that those two necessities go hand-in-hand. It is completely redundant to have tools produced by and for experts if you have no knowledge of how to use them safely and effectively. To help you understand the pertinence of using the correct butcher equipment, here are some of those tough butcher jobs. Continue reading →
  2. 14/02/2013

    Week-long Warming Winter Recipes

    When it is cold outside and the snow, sleet and rain seem to never cease, the lure of warming meals is great. Returning home to your kitchen to a piping hot meal full of protein and flavour is something almost everybody yearns for at this time. However, upon returning home from work, school or other commitments; the last thing you want to do is labour over a meal for yourself and your loved ones for hours on end. Here is where the week-long recipes come in handy. Prepare a large stock of food on Sunday night, then you and your family will have delicious meals to enjoy throughout the week. Here is a guide to make the perfect warming lamb stew and how to keep it interesting, night after night. Continue reading →
  3. 06/02/2013

    An Introduction To Knife Sharpeners

    It is no secret that keeping a Butcher Knife sharp is central to its performance. A dull or blunt knife will struggle to cut through joints of meat with any accuracy or ease. When cutting becomes difficult, it is more likely that the butcher will resort to harder and more reckless cuts. This will decrease the quality and neatness of the incision that is made and may even prove to be more dangerous. A knife sharpener will keep Butcher Knives working at their peak and pinnacle and create greater cuts. Continue reading →
  4. 24/01/2013

    The Importance Of Excellent Knife Care

    Like most goods and products, a Butcher Knife will only perform to its fullest potential if you care for it sufficiently and professionally. Whether you are a professional butcher, a farmer or simply a keen amateur; excellent knife care can be the different between quality, safe results and disastrous, dangerous results. It is important that all Butcher Knives are cared for in a manner that will prolong their lifespan and usefulness as well as maintain the safety of usage. Here are a few tips to help you use your Butcher Knife in the safest and most useful way possible. Continue reading →
  5. 13/01/2013

    How To Butcher A Pig

    More and more people are choosing to prepare their own meats from home for private consumption. In the long term, efficiently butchering and preparing your own meat could save you a lot of money as well as ensure the freshness of the meats. The fact that most meat produced now clearly states where the meat has come from demonstrates the trend of people requiring that fact and the importance of the meats origin. Continue reading →
  6. 13/12/2012

    The Benefits Of Using A Wooden Butcher Block

    Many marketplaces and industries are incorporating man made plastics more and more regularly. Their cheap nature tends to appeal to businesses and personal users alike. However, these investors are often not taking the long-term implications or the comprehensive repercussions fully into account. Continue reading →
  7. The Right Tools For Those Christmas Jobs


    The Right Tools For Those Christmas Jobs

    Those who are hosting a holiday gathering of friends and family at their home this year may be feeling the pressure. There is a certain sense of pressure applied to those who offer their services to provide for their love ones, all the luxuries of a fantastic holiday in enviable style and fashion. For the seasoned host, this pressure will only serve to inspire; the game will be upped and the results more magnificent than ever. However, for those novices who are hosting this year’s festivities, the pressure could lead to unnecessary stress and worry. Continue reading →
  8. Types Of Knives And Their Benefits


    Types Of Knives And Their Benefits

    The butcher’s knife is an important part of his/her itinerary. Almost a constant presence in their hands; the Butchers skilfully manipulate meat into the cuts and joints that their customers want. The tools are just as important as the quality of meat and the skills present in creating high quality produce. Continue reading →

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