1. 03/08/2015

    Wusthof Knives: Top Quality Wusthof Knives Now On Sale

    The Wusthof Company has been forging top quality knives for over two hundred years. The family-owned business was founded in 1814 in the German city of Solingen, also known as the “City of Blades”. With Wusthof, we can guarantee the highest quality knives for you. The trident logo of the company symbolises their core values. Passion. Diligence. Perfection. Continue reading →
  2. 28/07/2015

    Three Knives & A Steel

    Essential knives for the kitchen Knives are essential to a kitchen, but there is such a variety, how do you know which ones you actually need. Every professional and amateur chef will tell you that there are three types of knives every kitchen should have. Continue reading →
  3. 06/07/2015

    Caring For Your Butcher Block

    Butcher blocks are an essential item for everyone's kitchen and Butchers Equipment Warehouse offers the best. We recently received a review on Trustpilot regarding our butcher blocks. “We recently moved house and wanted a proper butcher's block on wheels. I thought that such an item was commonplace. Well, they are not. "I live in North Yorkshire and quickly came to the conclusion that you can either buy something, not great by the way, from Fired Earth starting at well over two thousand pounds or have one made from scratch by a craftsman. Then by accident we came across the Butchers Equipment web site. "And there it was. Solid, on wheels, stunning wood and perfect and for less than a third of the price of the relatively flimsy Fired Earth offering. Ordering could not have been easier and delivery was bang on time. A wonderful company. We are spreading the word in North Yorkshire ! Seriously, brilliant. Top quality.” Continue reading →
  4. 22/06/2015

    BBQ Season: Knives needed for every BBQ

    Summer has arrived and the sun is on it's way. You need to be ready. The meat has to be ready. The coals for the BBQ need to be stored. BBQ itself needs to be cleaned and prepped. Sharpen those knives to make sure they’re ready. For your BBQ, you need four essential knives. Boning knife. Slicing knife. Chef’s knives and a paring knife. Continue reading →
  5. 08/06/2015

    Swiss Army Knife - Tool for every occassion

    The Victorinox Swiss army knife is legendary. For more than a century, they have been the by-word for usefulness and reliability. They are known for more than just knives, but as multi-purpose tool for any situation. They now have knives for each profession that may need it, including farmers and climbers. Continue reading →
  6. 08/08/2014

    How to select good Butchers Bandsaw

    A butchers bandsaw is a powerful tool which is used to cut meat on the bone making the process faster that using a traditional butchers kamlock saw. The butchers bandsaw uses a meat bandsaw blade which rotates at high speed which enables the cutting of meat on the bone, frozen meat as well as fresh and frozen fish. To ensure you are buying the correct butchers bandsaw to suits your requirement you must look out for these main features. Continue reading →
  7. 23/07/2014

    Butchers Bandsaw Blades

    Meat cutting bandsaw Blades are designed especially for use on Butchers Meat bandsaws used in the meat processing industries and butchers shops. All meat bandsaw blades supplied by Butchers Equipment Warehouse are manufactured in the UK to very high standards. We at Butchers Equipment Warehouse have over 35 years experience in manufacturing and supplying Butchers meat bandsaw blades. Continue reading →
  8. 16/10/2013

    Meat Mincer - Choosing the right one

    Meat Mincers are indispensable for any butcher and they are available in both manual and electric operation options, but also in varying sizes. For those who plan on using the meat mincer on a daily basis, they should know that there are 2 things they need to keep in mind. Continue reading →
  9. 28/06/2013

    Staying safe with your Butchers Equipment

    It is important to understand how to get the most out of the butchers equipment that you invest, however it is important to understand how to use said equipment safely as not to endanger yourself or the welfare of others around you. Continue reading →
  10. 14/06/2013

    Sharpening your butchers knife

    There isn’t necessarily a right way to sharpen your butcher’s knife and different people may have alternative preferences. One thing that cannot be argued is the importance of keeping your butchers knife sharp. Continue reading →

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