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Do you really need chainmail gloves for butchery?

In many ways, modern chainmail gloves are surprisingly similar to their historical counterparts. Knights in the Middle Ages used them to protect themselves from punctures as slicing wounds, just as modern butchers use them to shield their hands from similar hazards – but accidental ones, this time! For some, butcher’s chainmail gloves are viewed as vital personal protective equipment, whereas others view them as an unnecessary expense. So the question is – as a professional butcher, do you really need them? Let’s weigh up the pros and cons!

Advantages of chainmail gloves for butchery

Many experts believe that metal mesh gloves are essential for anyone who uses butcher’s knives in the course of their day-to-day job, or who wears a metal mesh glove. It’s not hard to see their reasoning for this. Modern chainmail gloves are unrivalled in the level of physical protection they provide for people working in these trades, especially since the best butcher knives are much larger and sharper than regular kitchen knives. Without this extra protection, butcher’s risk severe injury from slashing or puncture wounds, especially in the fast-paced atmosphere of a commercial butcher’s environment.

The continuous movements of machinery like butcher’s bandsaws pose a particular hazard. Given that many butchers rely heavily on bandsaws and similar machinery to properly meet demand, chainmail gloves are vital PPE to counteract the risk of injury. What’s more, chainmail excels at maintaining the sterile environment that proper food hygiene demands. It only requires relatively brief immersion in hot water to become properly sterilised, which makes it invaluable to the meat industry to prevent cross-contamination.


Are there any downsides to chainmail gloves?

Chainmail gloves have very few downsides, and those that do exist are mostly highly specific. Mainly, it’s important to note that even though they provide an excellent level of protection, they’re also not completely impervious. Professionals will still need to be extremely careful as a matter of course when handling butcher’s knives and similar equipment, as the gloves won’t totally withstand the force of power-driven blades, saws and tools.

There is also the risk of catching chainmail gloves in moving machinery, which can (and does) happen. Finally, gloves from certain suppliers can seem particularly expensive, which often puts off smaller butchers from investing in them.

Should you wear chainmail gloves?

It’s true that you can get along without them. In fact, many butchers do. But then, why would you risk it? When it comes to your safety, they’re an excellent investment – in fact, the chainmail gloves we offer here at Butcher’s Equipment Warehouse are particularly cost-effective. Of course, they’re no substitute for due care and attention in the normal course of your day-to-day job, but they’re vital giving you an enhanced level of physical protection in a fast-paced, demanding job that involves highly sharp and often dangerous tools.

If you’re thinking about getting chainmail butcher’s gloves for your own shop, we’ve got you covered right here at Butcher’s Equipment Warehouse. As well as our ranges of the best butcher’s knives and butchers’ bandsaws, we offer a wide range of chainmail gloves, from wrist chainmail gloves all the way up to full arm to shoulder variants. Start browsing online now, or give us a call on 01254 427 761!